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This recipe for asparagus stuffed with cured ham coated provides a fast starter and lucid.
We must serve them right out of the fire, otherwise the dish loses all its grace.
Processing time 20 minutes

Ingredients 4serves


  • very thick asparagus
  • 150 gr. Iberian ham sliced ??
  • two eggs
  • flour
  • extra virgin olive oil.


Asparagus, drain them and let them dry on paper towels.
We cut along, without allowing it to separate the asparagus into two halves, and are easier to manipulate. Cut the ham into strips, introduce into each stud, and enharinamos closed.
Floured asparagus bathed in beaten egg and fry in extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes on each side.
Let excess oil drain on absorbent paper and serve hot.