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From Antipodes Black Leg we want to accompany the best Ibérico Ham in the world with a perfect marriage and nothing better than the highly recognized ENTREPINARES cheese!!! That is why we are exclusive ENTREPINARES cheese distributors for Australia.

AWARDS…and many more
2010.- Prizes WORLD CHEESE
- Bronze: Iberian Cured Cheese ENTREPINARES2010.- II International Contest and VIII National Cheese Contest PRIZES CINCHO
- Golden Cincho: Old raw sheep cheese ENTREPINARES
- Silver Cincho: Cured raw sheep cheese ENTREPINARES
- Golden Cincho: Old mixture cheese ENTREPINARES2011.- Prize MARM
- Best mixture cheese of pressed paste of Spain2011.- Prizes WORLD CHEESE
- Silver: Raw Sheep Cured Cheese ENTREPINARES
- Silver: Iberian Cured Cheese ENTREPINARES
- Bronze: Goat Semi-cured Cheese ENTREPINARES
- Bronze: Pasteurized Sheep Cured Cheese ENTREPINARES


Cheese is a quite healthy food that is totally naturally, with no preservatives or colorants; it carries great nutritional value as a major source of proteins, calcium and phosphorous.
Cheese contains a high quantity of proteins. It is an easily digestible food, more so than milk, as it contains practically no lactose and the proteins are absorbed more easily.

It also has a very large amount of calcium: 100 g of mixed semi-cured cheese provides 680 mg of calcium, 85% of the daily recommended intake. That is, nearly 6 times more calcium than milk.
Combined with bread, it becomes a balanced diet because they complement each other. Cheese provides the proteins and the lipids and the bread has the carbohydrates.
Orthodontists have discovered that the regular consumption of cheese helps prevent cavities and other dental ailments.

It’s a great food at any age, and particularly encouraged in periods of growth and old age as its high calcium content helps prevent bone problems.
Fresh, Burgos-type cheeses, or low-fat cheese, owing to their lower fat content, are most suitable for a diet, as they have much fewer calories than a semi-cured or cured cheese.
Low-salt cheeses are highly recommended for people with problems of hypertension.
In short, cheese is a FUNDAMENTAL part of our diet.



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Antipodes Blackleg, as exclusive partner and unique distributor of Entrepinares in Australia offers one of the best cheeses made ??in Spain. CONSULTATION OUR PRODUCTS CATALOGUE

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