The biggest cheese company in Spain, no doubt due to its quality and  big range of products.

We are proud to be exclusive distributors in Australia.




JAMÓN IBÉRICO, OUR FLAG. The flagship of Spanish cuisine, the ace of aces in the hand of ”EL CHICHERO. We selected “Industrias Cárnicas El Chichero” by the quality and competitiveness of their products.





 ”Bomba Rice” LA  CARRETA, the highest quality rice for making spectacular ”PAELLA” and other dishes. His great ability to absorb liquid, increase its size up to three times and ensure you taste and texture just spectacular.





Probablemente las mejores conservas del mundo. Manipuladas y envasadas a mano con extremo cuidado  para su  disfrute y el de sus clientes e invitados!!

La más exclusiva gama de conservas para los más exclusivos paladares…Simplemente te  dejará sin aliento!!!