Our Ibérico Ham

Undoubtedly one of the top products worldwide, and is among the four aces of gastronomy: Iberian ham, foie gras, caviar and truffles.
The nutritional value of our Iberian ham is high for its richness in protein of high biological value, because their fat is rich in oleic acid and its mineral content (especially iron, magnesium and zinc ) and vitamins (with a very important role of thiamine, niacin and cyanocobalamin).

The Iberian ham is a precious treasure of the world’s pantry that synthesizes all the magic and power of the Spanish land in each of the slices, which reach the quintessence of taste.
Closing the borders for export, which has long been in place, has made it difficult to generalize their knowledge, but those times have passed and immense quality is opening doors worldwide.

Our ham is a quality ham, as they say in Spain, ham “pata negra”.
However, we should clarify that the term “black leg” refers to the color of the hoof, but not all hoofed Iberian pigs have black or black hoof is unique to the Iberian race. In the world, other breeds of pigs with the hoof black, for example, pork “mangaliza” Hungary. Some vendors are mangaliza by Iberian, but the test does not look at anything, so, look at the oval seal of the EU that must be inserted at the top or look you in the band and if they need any advice to buy an Iberian ham, do not hesitate to contact us.

different grades are defined primarily by race, food and the environment in which they occur in pigs. Although from the Iberian pig hams are obtained always exquisite.
It differs:
- Acorn Iberian Ham is the name of the highest quality that captivates the most discerning palates. Exclusive hams from pigs that eat the traditional way, with acorns and natural resources and live loose in the pasture outside.
- Grain Fed Iberian Ham is the name of quality of pigs reared indoors and have been given feed, which gives an excellent flavor that will make you lose your way.

Thus, the color of the hoof of a pig does not guarantee its Iberian, which is what determines the quality of Iberian ham about pigs from other races.
And do not hesitate, be the color that is the hoof, look at the quality and breed of pig and … let yourself be enthralled by Iberian hams of Antipodes Black Leg.

Only it comes to choosing, with sufficient information to recognize the differences, by race and food (acorn or grain fed), and find the ham that best suits our taste and our budget to enjoy all year round.

Antipodes Blackleg, offers Acorn Iberian Ham and Grain Fed Iberian Ham, both whole and cut into different shapes. CONSULTATION OUR PRODUCT CATALOGUE

For any request, please contact us.

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