Acorn Iberian hams

From a unique native breed, the Iberian pig hams are obtained by exquisite but different food and the environment in which they occur. Iberian pigs fall into two broad groups of productions, from pigs reared on pasture and consume acorns – Iberian Ham-, and the pigs that feed exclusively on feed (bait)-Bait Jamon Iberico -.

The acorn Iberian ham has a primacy over all other competitors on the basis of aroma and flavor. The remaining factors-color, texture and grain-share them with the bait.

Acorn Iberian hams, from pigs that have been fed in their growth stage exclusively on acorns, grass and other plant resources specific to the pasture.
Iberian pigs fattened in the pasture is totally respectful of the ecosystem, such as sustainable use magic. Each pig Iberian must have a minimum area of 1 hectare of pasture for proper feeding on acorns, and there must remain at least 60 days before slaughter which, coupled to the longer development of animals (14 months ), justifies the unique flavor and the slightly higher price of purebred Iberian hams and Iberian Bellota Bellota.

The color of cured ham is a fat pink purple and bright, that when touched with your fingers melts at body temperature.
The taste of Iberico ham, is strong and intense (too intense for some tastes), and fat it contains is rich in oleic acid, the same that contains olive oil, and helps increase good cholesterol (HDL ) and reduce bad (LDL).
In 2010 were sold in Spain close to ONE MILLION Iberian Bellota ham, which is approximately 20% of the total.

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