Grain Fed Iberian hams

It is assumed it isn´t difficult to distinguish between a grain fed iberian ham and an acorn iberian ham, and differentiate these from the Serrano ham. But there is great differences between them, both in quality, taste and, of course, price.

The Graid Fed Iberian Ham from pigs that were fed to slaughter feed exclusively composed mainly of cereals and legumes. As for the ham, the Iberian pig is fattened in the pasture with enough space (1Ha) and without causing stress to remain there at least 60 days before being sacrificed after 10 months of development of animals, which gives an intense flavor Iberian ham, and a characteristic aroma and texture.The fat virtually melts in your mouth and as the animal does not know the stress and the outdoor life has been exercised to seek food, their meat is healthy, red and tender, delicious on the palate.

The color of Grain Fed Iberian ham is a pale pink and very white fat.
The flavor is described as “more balanced” without losing its character and personality.
But the differences, apart from its organoleptic properties, are also in the pocket, and we must be clear what we seek and what we want to choose when we want to enjoy Iberian ham.

In 2010 were sold in Spain more than 3.6 Million of pieces, approximately 77% of the total.

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