Juan Maria Arzak says (Prestigious Chef Spanish) that “The Iberian ham is one of the” singles gold “of our food, a” spunky “loner who does not support more companies that a good wine and a loaf of bread , sufficient alone to be the center of a meal, the justification for a picnic or egregious representation of one of the most distinctive hallmarks of how we eat and feel the top Hispanic. ”

Iberian Ham is a soloist, a leading soloist, maybe a good wine can help to soak the throat, but not required, because a good ham is juicy enough in itself to not be necessary. Iberian Ham is open to many interesting combinations, but, yes, highlighting the rest of the components, even when their presence is little more than token . The reason is that the strength of its flavor and aroma for good overshadows other flavors, delicate and attractive they are. Alone or accompanied, in the words of D. Camilo Jose Cela, the ham is “blessed proper bite.”

Deserves attention bread with tomato and ham, which also can be added a few drops of olive oil, improving a family croquettes, the Iberian ham with melon is delicious, It is essential in a good hors d’oeuvres, or a complex stew of vegetables, …The ham is so generous in its flavors, even when it has finished, your bone is a sensational wines improver.

Healthy and delicious. Enjoy our Iberian Ham.
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